New website

After six years it was time to give ye ol’ website a little makeover. Apart from the design, we listened to your constructive criticism and motivational suggestions and changed a few essentials. Most noticeably, the site is now in English only. Sorry people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and of course Austria, but having to enter everything in four languages was just too much work. We figured that if you can’t read our copy, then you can’t understand our lyrics either and maybe the blues just isn’t for you.

Other changes in no particular order. The calendar/tour dates page is now faster than ever. We cleaned up the photo albums and transferred the whole thing to Flickr (really Google, make up your mind what you want to do and then do it right). We got rid of some redundant pages and added some new redundant ones. The ever popular guestbook has disappeared in favor of the option to comment on everything that is being said and done (including this lousy introduction). Oh well, what you see is what you got. We are still looking for a new editor, so if you feel like contributing to our success for little or no financial compensation, are familiar with WordPress or willing to experiment, if your English skills are off the chart and you have an affinity for blues and/or rhythm ‘n’ blues, then pick up an application from at one of our concerts and maybe you too can contribute to keeping the blues alive (our blues specifically).

We hope you will find this new site as pleasing and informative as the old one which you graced with often incredible visitor numbers. Most importantly, we hope that seeing this site will inspire you to come and party with us at one of our concerts. Because without you, it’s just not worth it. We thank you for your continued support. May the blues be with you.

Article Name
New website
Introduction to the new lay-out and content.